Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our best kept secre: Undertee Collection

Because I have the dumbz sometimes, I have completely neglected promoting our long-wearing capsleeves and camisoles, even though I probably wear one just about every day.  Today I am wearing our Cocoa Brown Capsleeve under an off-white smocked babydoll style top with thin straps that wouldn't normally give me the coverage I prefer.  With the added capsleeve not only am I adding coverage, but I'm also adding color near my face which I think is much more flattering.  
^ not me, not my outfit today
Our caps and camis have been with us since the beginning and in fact, some customers are still wearing their originally purchased camisoles!  These layering shirts are the highest quality around:  they don't pill (pilling fabric gives me shivers worse than spiders do!), the color won't fade and because of the cotton/lycra fabric they don't loose their shape.  These caps and camis also have a very cute satin edging along the neck, straps and sleeves that really dress them up.

At Diviine ModesTee it's not a diamond that lasts forever...it's our Camisoles.

Friday, August 13, 2010

An Addition to the Diviine ModesTee Family

A big congratulations to Natalie, Diviine ModesTee's Bookkeeper, on the birth of her second daughter Brighton Estelle!  A fairly easy delivery after a fairly long labor.  And best yet, two hours after giving birth Natalie was up signing checks.  What a woman!

Look what a sweetie-doll Brighton is.  I love when babies sleep with their little arms all curled up around their face.  So sweet...
According to Mom, Brighton is already developing a unique personality and her big sister Addie loves her so much that she wants to be with her all the time, "helping".  Mom is already back at work with sleeping baby by her side.  Yea...we won't talk about how long it took me to get back to a normal routine.  Nope.

Congrats to Mom, Dad and big sis!