Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cyber Monday!

Traditionally Cyber Monday is the day that shoppers take respite from the frantic weekend shopping of Black Friday and Grey Saturday (I made that one up!) and shop online from from the comfort of work or home. Not wanting to be excluded, Diviine Modestee has offered some awesome Cyber Monday Deals. Dresses 25% off, swimsuits 25% off and clearance/sale items an additional 10% off. Go to Diviine Modestee to shop. Use coupon code: BLACKFRIDAYSALE

If you are shopping online from work be sure to keep your mouse arrow over the minimize button so you won't get caught! And if you DO get caught, just show your boss our awesome merchandise and dollars to donuts she will thank you. Assuming your boss is a she...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Modesty is Just So Hard to Find

My nine year-old daughter loves Radio Disney. Every time we ride in the car we must listen to Radio Disney.  If my teenage boys are with us, this causes catastrophic battles in the back seat, and I'll admit that usually I allow my daughter to win this battle because she's...well...louder.  She knows, at age nine, the artists of every song on this radio station:  Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Emily name it, she knows it.  

Today my daughter had a dance lesson and as we are driving along, listening to (what else) Radio Disney, on comes the Jonas Brothers song "Lovebug".  I freely admit that I love this song!  So I'm listening and singing along (which bugs my daughter to no end!  She wants to be the soloist) and one word from the lyrics jumped out at me:  Modesty.  I honestly thought I must have heard wrong, so once home I googled the lyrics.

Called her for the first time yesterday
Finally found the missing part of me
Felt so close, but you were far away
Left me without anything to say

Now I'm speechless, Over the edge of this, Breathless,
I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again
Hopeless, Head over heels in the moment,
I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again.

I can't get your smile out of my mind
I think about your eyes all the time
Your beautiful, but you don't even try
Modesty is just so hard to find


Kissed her for the first time yesterday
Everything I wished that it would be
Suddenly, I forgot how to speak
Hopeless, Breathless, Baby can't you...see

I know that boy bands always get a bad rap and Disney boy bands get the baddest rap, I said I really like this song.  I don't even care if they are talking about modesty in dress or modesty in action or modesty as in humble.  They are singing a song which promotes modesty to the age group that is the most impressionable:  pre-teens and teens.  The song speaks of innocent young love, you can practically feel it.  The lyrics describe being thrilled at the sight of her smile, her eyes, her beauty.  It is not about being titillated (love that word!) by a peek into a low-cut blouse, or a view of a thigh.  No.  It's a good old fashioned love song celebrating her beauty and modesty.

The movie "Lovebug" is coming out to theatres soon and is set in the 1940's revolving around a young couple who end up at a dance where the Jonas brothers are performing.  The movie follows the couple as they fall in love and separate during the war.

For your viewing pleasure, here's the video off YouTube:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fab or Drab?

The Gladiator Boot. Personally I haven't seen much in the way of footwear that I hate more than the Gladiator Boot.   Is it a boot?  Is it a sandal?  No one knows!  I like my possessions to know exactly what their function in my life is.  I don't think these shoes that Ashley Tisdale is wearing know what their purpose in life is:
gladiator boots

They are confused.  They are befuddled.  And frankly, so am I.  Now I am a BIG fan of Ashley, just for the record. I loved her in High School Musical(s), I adore her in The Suite Life of  Zack and Cody and once-upon-a-time I even knew her current boyfriend, Jared. But I do not love the Gladiators. So I got to thinking that it just might be fun to give Miss Tisdale a Diviine makeover.
First thing:  chuck the Glads.  Then I would give her Brooke dress in grey from the Sweet Innocence Dress Collection.  Ashley proves that blondes can indeed wear grey, but of course, I like this particular Diviine ModesTee dress (seen below in the collage) better. Then, since the season is colder now we'll add grey tights and grey booties for a nice, sleek monochrome look.  These particular booties have diminished the number of buckles on Ashley's feet from dozens down to two.  It's obvious that Miss Tisdale loves a big bag that makes a statement so we'll toss in a fab purple bag (HOT this year!) plus a scarf, necklace and cameo ring to pull it all together.  Toss on a trendy orange swing jacket for those chilly days and voila! Classy and Chic.  But most important, it won't take you 15 minutes to buckle your shoes!

Brooke by SandyD

What do you think? Which do you like better: Gladiator Ashley or hip, sleek, trendy I-can-put-on-my-shoes-in-less-time-than-it-takes-to-say-"Gladiator"-Ashley?

Do you have a favorite look that you'd like to share? A celebrity you'd like to makeover using a Diviine ModesTee product? Get creative at and send me the link. I just might publish it in a future post.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Purple. The Hottest Color for Fall.

Purple is one of my favorite colors and I’m thrilled to see it in style this fall. I’m also excited because purple looks fabulous when paired with grey, black, white, or even brown. In fact, the combination of Grey and Plum Purple is hot this season. Purple is an extremely versatile color, but if you happen to feel it's not the perfect shade for your skintone, well, isn't that what scarves, shoes and a great purse are for? Realize though, that I'm not talking about lavender. The hottest, trendiest shades of purple to wear this season are the dark "jewel" tone purples and plums. Gossip Girl's costume designer said "the deep-purple plum color is really, really strong for fall." If Hollywood says it, it must be true, right? Forget about the fact that they've been trying to stick us with Gladiator Boots...

Wear a deep plum purple longsleeve shirt like this one below and throw a scarf around your neck in a color more flattering to you:
PhotobucketThis V-neck Bellsleeve shirt is available here for only $10. Yes, $10...sizes are limited however, but still...TEN dollars to get the season's hottest color.

If you need a dressier look and would like to try out purple, Diviine ModesTee has a plum purple dress as part of it's new Sweet Innocence Dress line. The Purple Audrey dress is cotton comfortable...and (I think) would look fantastic with slingback heels or a great pair of deep brown riding boots and purple tights.
purple audreyYou can find this dress here

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fashion at the Polling Booths

Regardless of your political affiliation or leanings, Diviine ModesTee has the perfect outfit for you to wear to your voting precinct. Want to make a Republican Red Statement? Pair Diviine ModesTee's white camisole with any number of red clothing items and accessories. But remember, too much red can be painful on the eyes so be sure to add in a touch of black, brown, cream or white.
Vote Red by SandyD

If your political leanings have you feeling a little blue try an outfit like the one below, again centered around a white camisole. Camisole's are so versatile...we all know they can be worn under anything, worn over most and can save a shirt from being unwearably immodest to being absolutely perfect! Pair your Democratic blue with black and silver for a very stylish look. For even more of a statement on voting day, don some bright blue mascara, too!

Vote Blue by SandyD

Just remember that no matter your choice for President, Congress, or Proposition whatever...Diviine ModesTee has you covered.

...and the Winner IS....

Jinxy and Me! She has won our Polka Dot Satin Skirt in the size of her choice!

Thank you all for participating in our very first Give-a-way. What fun I had! We hope to do this again sometime soon, so keep on checking out this blog periodically...or even subscribe if you haven't already...

And...what would a business blog be with out a plug for where you can go to purchase this skirt if you did not win it. This skirt can be viewed and purchased at Diviine ModesTee/Sweet Innocence Dresses AND if you purchase at least $100 from the Sweet Innocence Collection you will receive free shipping. Use the code freeshipping2008.

Thanks again to all who participated!