Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fab or Drab?

The Gladiator Boot. Personally I haven't seen much in the way of footwear that I hate more than the Gladiator Boot.   Is it a boot?  Is it a sandal?  No one knows!  I like my possessions to know exactly what their function in my life is.  I don't think these shoes that Ashley Tisdale is wearing know what their purpose in life is:
gladiator boots

They are confused.  They are befuddled.  And frankly, so am I.  Now I am a BIG fan of Ashley, just for the record. I loved her in High School Musical(s), I adore her in The Suite Life of  Zack and Cody and once-upon-a-time I even knew her current boyfriend, Jared. But I do not love the Gladiators. So I got to thinking that it just might be fun to give Miss Tisdale a Diviine makeover.
First thing:  chuck the Glads.  Then I would give her Brooke dress in grey from the Sweet Innocence Dress Collection.  Ashley proves that blondes can indeed wear grey, but of course, I like this particular Diviine ModesTee dress (seen below in the collage) better. Then, since the season is colder now we'll add grey tights and grey booties for a nice, sleek monochrome look.  These particular booties have diminished the number of buckles on Ashley's feet from dozens down to two.  It's obvious that Miss Tisdale loves a big bag that makes a statement so we'll toss in a fab purple bag (HOT this year!) plus a scarf, necklace and cameo ring to pull it all together.  Toss on a trendy orange swing jacket for those chilly days and voila! Classy and Chic.  But most important, it won't take you 15 minutes to buckle your shoes!

Brooke by SandyD

What do you think? Which do you like better: Gladiator Ashley or hip, sleek, trendy I-can-put-on-my-shoes-in-less-time-than-it-takes-to-say-"Gladiator"-Ashley?

Do you have a favorite look that you'd like to share? A celebrity you'd like to makeover using a Diviine ModesTee product? Get creative at Polyvore.com and send me the link. I just might publish it in a future post.

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