Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brag Moment...

I'm really thrilled to announce that this blog was nominated for an award! Amanda from AmandaBeth Online, a young blogger (as compared to some... *ahem*) who writes a fantastic blog (or two!). Thanks Amanda!
Amazing Blog Award

I'm actually quite honored because I haven't been at this blogging business all that long and while the humble part of me doesn't think I deserve it, the ego in my says "woot!"
I'll be back later with a few nominations of my own. Qualifications are these:
1. A blogger who inspires you.
2. A blogger who makes you smile and laugh.
3. A blogger who gives amazing information.
4. A blogger who's a great read.
5. A blogger with an amazing blog-design.

Suggestions for nominations? Feel free to comment to this post with a nomination you think I should consider.  Also if you like this blog like Amanda does, be sure to follow it!

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