Thursday, March 4, 2010

Summer Swimsuit Shapeup: Update 3

Well....yeah. I have a big "FAIL" stamped on week 5 of my diet log-sheet. I whined cried met last night with my Health Coach, and today I feel somewhat jazzed to get back on-plan.

WARNING: Reading from this point on may trigger intense chocolate cravings!!!!

All through this diet so far I have had the mind-set that any delicious food that I can't have now, will be available later...and that has worked great until I was faced with my all-time fav treat that is only available around Easter each year. The Cadbury Mini-Egg.

I have joked in previous comments that I love Love LOVE Cadbury Mini Eggs. But it's no joke. Each year I look forward to Spring when the purple packages hit the store shelves. I actually remember clearly when my friend Tammy first introduced me to these yummy treats a good 20 years ago in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last week after running some errands for me, my son picked me up from work with a "Hey! Guess what's in the stores??"
"Only let me have six", I told him, thinking a small taste would be a nice treat and not affect my diet too much and... it wouldn't have, except that there is such a thing as not-enough-of-a-good-thing...Yea...I've been on a week-long Chocolate Splurge and enjoyed every second of it.

But all good things must come to an end. My Coach's idea last night was for me to hit the diet hard for the next 3-4 weeks until Easter, then reward myself on Easter with all the Easter trimmings including Mini-Eggs for that one day. Then back on-plan again the next day.

This, I can do. Onward and upward, right? Because out of all our new 2010 modest swimwear line I have finally picked out my favorite and I want it in a medium, not an x-large.

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a la Modest said...

Glad to have fellow modest fashionistas out there. I just started my blog this week. Hope to update every day! -Rachel