Monday, June 7, 2010

Shoes and Swimwear. What's your style?

So you've purchased your purple Divinita Sole swimsuit by Diviine Modestee but now you are wondering what footwear will be a) the most practical, b) comfy yet stylish, or c) the hands-down hottest?? I help you with that!

If this....

....or this....

Is your swimsuit (or even if you have a purple swimsuit from somewhere else!) here's a few summer shoes that will look fab no matter what your style is.

If your style is more practical, which is why you have a Divinita Sole swimsuit, you will LOVE these flipflops from
These flipflops are by DVS, a skate company out of California. Known for practical shoes with high-comfort and movement, these flipflops are pretty much guaranteed to be luxurious for your feet.

If you go for comfort with a touch of style, which is why you have a Divinita Sole swimsuit in the first place, you just might like these shoes by BCBGeneration, also from Zappos:
Their foam/rubber sole is very comfortable and the little bit of heel combined with the sparkles give them just the right touch of glam. These also have a great price at $38.95.

If your style is all-out runway fashion, which is why you rock your Divinita Sole swimsuit, then try on these heels for size:

With the high heel, they'll visually elongate and thin your legs and because they are a slide they will be a breeze to kick off for a dip in the pool or a frolic on the beach. What could be more perfect? These shoes are Gwyneth Zan, also available at

I'll admit that while I am a crazy shoe fool, while wearing a swimsuit I would probably go for the middle pair. I'm just a little too timid to wear a 4-inch heel at the pool. OK, quite a bit too timid. So which would you prefer? Are you brave and confident enough to wear the slides? Or just prefer to be completely comfortable? Post a comment and let me know!


Natasha Jane said...

i am totally brave enough to wear the last pair. those are ROCKIN! it's my body that needs fixing ahah! [P90X-ing it this month!] but yeah! I would ROCK the MESS out of the tall heels in a bathing suit. yep.

Sandy said...

Natasha, you GO girl! My son is doing p90x...that takes some dedication. Good job!

Modestkini said...

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