Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet your True Love in Diviine Modestee Apparel??

I had a fun chat with a lady in our Boutique the other day. She was coming in to purchase a swimsuit but told us a fun story about her recent cruise and her dress that she purchased at Diviine Modestee.

At the end of May, she had the opportunity to go on a Singles Cruise to several ports in Mexico. A couple of days before her cruise she came to our Boutique to select a dress to wear on her cruise. She purchased the Carmen dress in Red/Cream and proudly wore it to one of the dressier events on her cruise. She caught the eye of a handsome gentleman while wearing the Carmen and feeling confident and attractive. He sidled up to her and introduced himself to her and they've been dating ever since!

True Romance...brought to you by Diviine Modestee.


Heather Feather said...

Dresses really do make all the difference.

Sandy said...

I think it's not only the dress but the confidence you feel while WEARING the dress. And it does indeed take a well-made, flattering dress to accomplish that.