Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Big Bang Theory by Diviine Modestee

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the best bang for your buck?  If you are spending your hard-earned cash as wisely as you could?  In today's slower economy we are all keeping a more conscious eye on our pennies.  So where does the fashion-forward, penny-wise woman shop for a great dress?  Sweet Innocence by Diviine Modestee, of course!  Take a look at this dress, the Brecken
Brecken in Stone
 The Brecken is available in Stone (shown above) and Moonlight Blue and is a great take on the classic shirt-dress.  It has a very tailored look with it's fitted, pleated waist and sleeves.  It's made from stretch cotton/satin which gives it a very classy look, fit and feel.  We've added length, tailoring details and over-all style making this dress a fantastic fashion choice.  Our suggested MSRP is $95, but we have it available on our website for $78. 

Now look at this dress (sounds like an Old Spice commercial!):  Khaki Poplin Shirt Dress (go the link!) available through Bluefly, an online discount retailer.  Wow!  Such a difference!  You can immediately see that this dress...offered for $135 by the way...offers so much less than the Brecken for much more.  There is no added tailoring on the sleeves or waist, it's made of cotton/poplin, a lower quality fabric than the Brecken and while it's a cute dress with the little belt and colors offered, it's very short and basically just looks like a shirt.  There really is no comparison to the style, quality and cost of the Brecken.  If you want the biggest bang for your buck you want the Brecken. need the Brecken in order to wear those totally awesome shoes the model is wearing.  I mean...look at the SHOES!  They're HOT!

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