Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Behind every great photo is an even GREATER Assistant

I love being able to post to my Facebook wall that I am on location at our swimsuit photo suit.  Sounds so awesome and glamorous doesn't it?  Like I'm the talented photographer, or even better of the gorgeous swimsuit models.  I'll let you in on a little's really not glamorous at all!  Take this photo for example:           ----------->
Such a beautiful shot.  She looks like she's been strolling along in the water and just decided to sit and rest for a second. In reality, I am standing waist deep in (quite) cold water in a SKIRT about a foot away holding a shading thing-y to get that lighting just so:

<------------Of course I'm just outside the photo, right here.  Me, the Unseen Hero.

Here's another example:           ------------------->
Everyone goes strolling along on top of a HUGE rock in 4-inch heels, right?   The photographer, who has a great eye for background details, thought it would be a tremendous idea to have her pose on the top of a boulder that was about 6 feet tall.  In a dress.  In heels.  He's a guy, right?  What does he know about the logistics of balancing on a boulder in stilettos?  What can't be seen in this photo is me, standing below with my arms literally ready to catch her, or help her keep her balance so she wouldn't come tumbling off the rock.  Hold hands.... balance....let go.....pose.....snap the photo!  She was such a professional.  But it couldn't have been done with out me, the assistant. 

So I am giving myself a pat on the back and much deserved (I think!) kudos for a job well done (and to be honest, I loved every minute of it!)  Vogue Magazine, here I come :)

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