Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diviine Deed Fund

There are a few things in this life that lift us to become better. One is charity, the purest love of lifting another. The Diviine Deed Fund is our life long dream of ‘helping the hands that hang down and strengthening the feeble knees.’ This is a place of our journey through out this life and where we are guided to “serve where we are and lift where we stand.” Our hope is that we can move good works forward and instill the breath of living, which is giving.
We would also like to express our gratitude to each one of you, our loyal customers who have a place in each of these stories. By supporting our company and our designs to ‘take fashion to a higher standard” we are able to provide relief to the hungry, to the poor, as you are their angels of love. We take 2% of our gross sales and donate them to organizations, people, groups and individuals that are put in our path to rebuild, to strengthen, to provide, and assist in doing good works. Each of you are a part of our journey – Thank you for helping and lifting others and truly making each of our lives have more meaning.

Our first Diviine Deed Fund can be read about Here: Cody Anderson.  Cody is the father of a young family and is currently battling an illness called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).  With this illness comes high medical costs and the need for a very expensive liver transplant. Donations for this life-saving treatment can be made directly through our website.  As well, 2% of Diviine ModesTee's gross sales for April, May and June will go straight towards helping this cause.  If you should feel the desire to help out, please contribute to the Diviine Deed Fund. 

Setting up the Diviine Deed Fund has been more rewarding to us as a company than anything we have done before.  More rewarding than designing a great dress, or drawing the greatest fabric print.  Nothing has been more rewarding than seeing the Diviine Deed Fund come to fruition.  Thank you for making this possible!

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