Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Pick a Swimsuit

A while back we had one of the writers over at RealMomsRealViews write up a swimsuit review for us. Crissa wrote one of the best reviews I think I have ever read online, complete with photos of herself. Now that's brave! I asked her if she wouldn't mind if I brought her write-up over to our blog and she said she wouldn't mind at all. Hopefully she remembers....

Here's Crissa in her very own words:

Diviine Modestee allowed me to design my very own suit fit just for my style. This was hard to make a decision because everything is adorable. After much debate and a few opinions from co-workers I went with the Purple Dots Ruffle Halter top and Purple Dots Banded Midrise bottoms. They fit perfectly and cover up everything I don’t want strangers seeing. P1020396Here is a close up of the top. Look how cute those ruffles are! This is a great top for big chested women. The halter provides great support. Also, I really appreciate how it isn’t low cut. I like to keep some things to myself, you know.P1020400

The back is cut high. This allows you to still get a great tan but doesn’t expose too much to the world.P1020398

The bottoms are the highest cut to help lengthen the leg. Great for me because I have muscular dancer legs. In the back it is full coverage. Perfect for me because I love my ice cream but don’t need the world to know that.


The waist band is the highest height. This is perfect for tummy control and minimizing hips. But look! It can be folded down to provide comfort for those of us who struggle with things sitting up to high on our waist.

P1020406 P1020403

Not only do I love the styles and materials of Diviine Modestee swimming suits, I love that you can mix and match them! Buy a pair of plain bottoms and match it with several different tops and vice versa! This is a great way to keep your summer pool side wear different without having to own 15 different suits. I will be a loyal customer for sure! It is nice to not have spend hours searching for the perfect suit.

Thanks Crissa! Isn't she cute in her swimsuit??!! I love how she picked purple that goes so well with her blonde hair and skin tone. She's going to be one stylish and gorgeous gal at the swimming pool this summer!

If anyone else is brave and wants to send me a photo of you in ANY of our products, I'd be happy to showcase you on our blog.


Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I was telling my sister-in-law about Diviine Modestee swimsuits on Wednesday and thought, "I need to stop by and see what is new. WHOA! There I am! ha ha

I love my bathing suit! It is such a wonderful fit. My sister got the white with colored dots halter and blue bottoms. She looks fab in it! We can hardly wait for this Utah weather to be warm and stay warm so we can have a fun day in the sun in out new suits.

Thanks for your wonderful products. It is always nice to find a suit you feel comfortable and even a little babe-a-licious in.

Sandy said...

Crissa, you look awesome in your swimsuit! After we did the review I asked the the other gal (can't remember a name right now!) if it would be OK to use your photos on our blog and she said it would be OK. I just didn't get around to doing it right away. Let me know if it's not OK...

And yeah...this high of only 65 is a bummer!