Thursday, August 7, 2008

Introducing Diviine ModesTee Company

Diviine ModesTee is a women's clothing company that is devoted to offering women modest clothing: swimsuits, dresses, skirts and shirts, even more!  But enough of that "official" stuff... Diviine ModesTee rocks!  While there may be many companies that specialize in modest clothing Diviine ModesTee's products are truly awesome.  Not only do the swimsuits fit the strict standard of modesty that the owner adheres to...the styles are to die for!  Such cute fabric styles on the swimsuits.  Adorable pattern designs for the skirts that flatter all body types.  Chic dresses that will make all your friends ask "where on EARTH did you get that gorgeous dress??"

OK, sure...I work at Diviine ModesTee so you might say "she's a little biased".  Or "a lot biased".  However I have not worked for Diviine ModesTee long enough that I haven't purchased and owned products from other modest companies.  I'll just say I am sold on Diviine ModesTee's products.
So...the blog.  This blog's intent is to chronicle Diviine ModesTee in it's growth and progress, to discuss modesty issues, swimsuits, clothing, fashion, and the retail and internet business.   You may see guest authors, announcements of sales, previews of upcoming merchandise, tips on tanning...who knows?!  


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