Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's in Your Beach Bag?

With the start of the school year again, I have spent the last couple of days cleaning, reorganizing and emptying. I've cleaned the guest closet. I've reorganized the pantry. And I have emptied out and packed away the summer Beach Bag. As sad as I am to see summer leave and school start again, I got a real and genuine kick out of the memories that accompanied each item that came out of that beach bag. Keeping in mind that my daughter likes to be prepared for anything, likes to take her favorite toys along so they can experience "real" life and likes to save all kinds of "precious" things from where ever she's what I found:

1. Sunscreen 40 spf, with it's lid broken off when my teenage son threw it at his younger brother at a family reunion in Las Vegas.

2. White goops of 40 spf sunscreen that leaked all over because of said broken lid and angry brother.

3. Seven hair clips and rubber bands of various colors, several of which are sunscreen coated. Apparently my daughter must have her hair loose and free in the water so she can be a true Mermaid.

4. "Amy" the Webkinz koala who accompanied us to the local Rec Center swimming pool one day in August and who we were positive we had left behind. Now I don't have to fork out $16.95 so we can "adopt" Amy all over again.

5. A whole lot of sand from the Oregon Coast. In fact I wouldn't be surprised to see that one of my children still had some of this Oregon Coast sand either in an ear or up a nose.

6. A beach towel that smelled vaguely of rotting starfish and sunscreen.

7. Four smashed and melted Peanut Butter M&M's...the BEST candy ever! Smashed and melted but yes-siree they were good!

These are bits and pieces from the summer now in memory form: The name my son called his younger brother as he launched the sunscreen at his head. My daughters desire to adopt a starfish: "no honey, the starfish can't live in our bathtub in Utah!". Four solid weeks of sweltering and sweating on a recliner at the Rec Center pool for swim lessons, keeping a watchful eye so as not to miss giving the energetic Thumbs-Up for each and every dunk under the water. Memories that I really ought to scrapbook but which I blog instead.

So...what is essential in your swim or beach bag? Sunscreen? Extra towels? A swim skirt? Let me know by commenting below!

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Trillium Fairy said...

Since I practically LIVE at the beach year-round, my beach bag is always packed and ready to go at a moment's notice. The items in my bag change from season to season however. For me, getting beach hair is a given, so I figure that part of me needs to look good. I focus instead on wearing cute (and functional) outfits. That way even though my hair is a mess I still feel GREAT!

Hey, anytime you want to join me at the beach for some more fun memories you are more than welcome. I'm part of the reason for the sand in the ears and nose! :) Those were great memories indeed!