Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from the Queen

My daughter, bless her heart, made me a chocolate candy heart necklace for Valentin's Day made from chocolate, saran wrap and ribbons. As she was bestowing me with this precious gift she discovered that it was too small. Either she made the necklace too small or my head is overly large, but being the chipper 9 year old that she usually is she pronounced me Queen of Valentines as she placed this lovely necklace on my head.
valentine's day crown

While I am proud to wear it, the temptation of smelling chocolate all day has proven to be a bigger temptation that I am up for currently...the necklace that was actually a crown is alas, now a bracelet. YUM.


O'Hale said...

Love this Valentine day story! I bet it makes a pretty braclet:) LOL!!!

Trillium Fairy said...

Sandy the Valentine Queen! :) What a cute little story, thanks for sharing.