Thursday, February 5, 2009

Praying for Parker, support for Parker

My husband and I had the opportunity and pleasure yesterday of meeting a very courageous young man and a family who's loyalty is astounding.  We were invited over to meet this little guy because of some legislation that was incorrectly attributed to my husband. This little boy:

... was born six weeks early with chronic lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, a tethered spinal cord, an imperforate anus, and an extra chromosome. He's undergone many surgeries, including critical intestinal surgery, a tracheotomy, g-tube placement and just this month, surgery to correct a life threatening bowel adhesion. He’s spent more time in the hospital than out of it. We were able to discuss Parker's needs, where support is failing and what can possibly be done to direct the government in a direction that will keep providing and supporting those with special needs.

But speaking of support, I was so touched by the way that this family has completely rallied around Parker in all ways: Grandpa willing to sell everything he has literally to support and sustain Parker's life. Loving sisters and brother who not only show affection, which would be expected, but know how to feed Parker through his tube, handle his oxygen apparatus (I'm trying to use big words here to cover up the fact that I don't know the medical terms), hold him and snuggle him, all while being very careful not to injure or cause pain from his recent surgery sites. I was very touched. And again, though you would thoroughly expect siblings and parents to love any child, brother or sister, their dedication to Parker's well-being was awesome and inspiring. An incredible family...parents, grandparents and children.

The medication, supplies, and equipment to assist Parker have cost a literal fortune for this health-insured family. What isn't realized by many, is that even though you have adequate or even superb health insurance, should a catastrophe occur such as a permanently disabling accident (as in the case of my brother-in-law) or a child born with severe health issues, insurance coverage max's out quickly. Surgeries and hospital stays add up to the multiple thousands of dollars.

"So often we read about children like Parker and think we wish we could help.  But this time we can help in a simple way."  says Mom, Tammy. If you have kids who enjoy playing games online, direct them here:
Games: Playing for Parker
Advertising revenue that is earned while playing will go directly to Parker for his ongoing care. Every little bit helps! You can also follow Parker's story at PrayingforParker.

Now...since this is a blog for Diviine ModesTee, I must add that I wore this skirt:

sequin skirt
...with a brown empire waist top, cream Diviine ModesTee Camisole underneath, brown tights and kickin' cowboy boots that I got for a steal at Ross because I had just got off work. I don't normally dress "up" to visit adorable little boys (I mean LOOK at those eyes!), but this brave boy certainly deserved the honor.

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O'Hale said...

I love this story - your generosity is an example to all!!