Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's not a New Years Resolution.

I have had it with my weight!

I've had it up to *here* with not being able to cross my legs comfortably. With having both hips hit the sides of the movie-theatre chairs (that was a shock the first time it happened), of not being able to bend down to put tights on with out rolling forward off the bed and onto the floor. Of constantly holding my arms in front of my gut. As if that pose alone would hide the fact that over the past year I have put on way more weight than I want to mention.

So why am I mentioning it? I want the accountability this time. I have dieted in the past, but I was a "closet dieter". Not even my husband knew I was dieting. It was my secret shame, because to say you were dieting was to admit to being fat. Right? Well, yes...but. It was also easier to quit. This time around I have a Health Coach that I am meeting with weekly. She's new at it, so kind of counting on me to do well to promote her business.

So what-the-heck. The more accountability the better I'll do, right? I am officially starting my diet tomorrow and I am letting the world know! Today's weight: 185. Goal: 130.

Thus starts my Summer Swimsuit Shape-Up.


susan said...

Great article! My resolution is also to get fit (& stay that way) all year! Check out these other 2010 style resolutions. Good luck to you!!!

Lindsay Kirksel said...

Good luck Sandy!! You can do it! :D

Sandy said...

Thanks guys for the comments. I've found that sharing the fact that you are dieting is a good form of taking responsibility.