Friday, January 22, 2010

Summer Swimsuit Shape-Up-Update 1

Almost two full weeks into my Summer Shape-up and I am happy to say that I am down 8 pounds! Go Me!

If you've dieted before, you know that one constant to all diets is massive water consumption and unfortunately I've discovered that I really don't like plain water. Inspiration hit remembering the beautiful glass water dispenser filled with ice, water and various fruits/vegetables at a hotel my family stayed at recently in Hawaii. Maybe it was because I was constantly outside in the sun that made that flavored water SO delicious. I don't know, but lucky me... I had some leftover cranberries, Clementines and Granny Smith apples from the Holidays wasting away in my refrigerator.

I sliced the Clementines and Granny Smiths, cut the cranberries in half and put all three in a pitcher. Next I poured hot water over the fruit until the pitcher was full and chilled it in the refrigerator. I found that pouring HOT water over the fruit brings out more flavor. This worked great for several days until I ran out of those fruits and simultaneously wanted a change-up of flavors. Google is my friend and I know how to use it, so I found the following recipe which I absolutely LOVE. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this flavored water:

Cucumber/Rosemary Water
Recipe courtesy of At Home with Kim Vallee
  1. Cut 10 cucumber slices for one branch of fresh rosemary.
  2. Put the cucumber and rosemary in a pitcher.
  3. Fill the half of the pitcher with ice cubes. Fill with water.
  4. Let it macerate in the fridge for 24 hours before serving.
One variation: switch the rosemary for mint leaves. Refreshing.

Flavored water is so simple and refreshing and really can't be made incorrectly. Just throw in what you love! For more inspiration Google "Spa Water" and all kinds of tried and true variations will come up...all guaranteed to quench that thirst.

Wish me luck on Week Three. Maybe one of these days I'll be brave enough to post before photos. Hmmmmmm?.........nah. Can't see that happening any time soon!


Peppermint Rainbows said...

Fantastic ideas.. Thanks for sharing.. I love rosemary... Can't wait to try it.

Trillium Fairy said...

What a great idea! I have the same problem with not enjoying plain water. I can't wait to try this! Thank you!

Lucy said...

Good idea. I started weight watchers again as I had success with it years ago. Good luck during week 3.

LaLaLand said...

omigosh! i LOVEEE that doing that to water! soooo good! Absolutely love this blog!!! [going to follow in a second lol]