Thursday, October 21, 2010

Featuring Divinita Sole Swimwear...

MlnTheGap from over at Is this Modest wrote a great article called "7 Sites to Find Modest Swimwear" featuring, of course, seven modest swimwear companies.  Divinita Sole swimwear was listed right up top (I like to think it's because our suits are so adorable!).  You can read his article Here but I've c/p'd a portion of it below....

"Diviine Modestee’s entry into the swim category is through their own swimwear department.  The main feature of this site is its “Design Your Perfect Suit” option that allows you to pick a top, bottom and skirt and shows the set together virtually so you can mix and match your options.
Styles for tops are Halter, Ruched and Tankini.
What I like about these suits is the fact that it naturally pairs itself with a skirt, though halter tops usually are a bit revealing in my opinion.  I’ve quickly gone through them, however, and most of them are generally modest."

Thank you Adam for the write-up and the great review!

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