Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Tasha and I have been busy in the warehouse getting ready for our Warehouse Sidewalk Sale this weekend.  Preparing for a Warehouse Sale takes a ton of work...moving merchandise forward in the warehouse, pricing stuff, hanging dresses and swimwear on racks...it's crazy, but SO worth it.  Our company can move product and our customers get the benefit of great bargains.  Items added to our Warehouse Sale:
*Camisoles-white, cream, black, brown, red, etc and etc. will be 45% off 

*Dresses-some as low as $20!  Carmen, Kate, Audrey, Grace, Sadie, MaKenna.... 

*Best of all (in my opinion) is 2010 swimwear about 60% off! Teal...Purple...Starburst...Cocoa Brown...Stripes...

These aren't deodorant and makeup stained, ripped, snagged, pre-worn and returned or anything gross  and disgusting like that.  Nope, these are first quality swimsuits, dresses, and shirts!  Wowie wow wow!

If you're in Utah, be sure to come!  You'll be glad you did  :If you're not in Utah please keep an eye on our website. 

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